3.0 Sport



The Kitewing 3.0 is a lightweight wing which is easy to sail. That doesn’t mean the diminutive
3.0 will fail to stimulate expert sailors.

Sporting the latest frame geometry designed to make the wing easier to handle with a very full
wing section the Kitewing 3.0 is a quick and responsive wing. Ice sailing on skates the 3.0 is all
the sail most folks want.

The lightweight of the Kitewing 3.0 makes this wing an excellent light air sail when it is used
with skates or roller blades. The 3.0 wing sails by itself at very slow velocities. The 3.0 is not a
power wing. It may not be the best choice in sticky conditions or for sailing on snow.

The Kitewing 3.0 is built from Dacron with reinforced mylar window. The 3.0 can be stowed
on the frame. The 3.0 sail comes standard with shock chord batten retainers and a long reflex
strap which can be X rigged. The frame is built from the same quality components as the other
wings with composite fiberglass front tubes.

A mylar or monofilm version of the 3.0 Sport is available. Inquire by email via the “contact Kitewing” tab on the home page.