The “2.4 Meter” has its origins in Stockholm in 1983 where local ship designers used the “R meter” rule to design a single keelboat. The 2.4mR finally emerged. The class owes its name to the outcome of the rating formula, which must always produce 2.4. As a sister ship of the larger 6m, 8m and 12m class design, the 2.4mR has the typical powerful sailing style of a “Meter boat” design.

The formula

Every 2.4mR has to comply with the International ISAF rules. The basis for these rules is a formula that has e.g. sail-area and geometry of the underwater hull as input. The outcome of this formula has to be 2.400. This means that a larger sail-area influence the allowed shape of the underwater hull length waterline. As a result of the many years of experience, the designer managed to tweak the different parameters in the formula to an optimum that results in a totally different sail area and geometry compared to the current designs that are currently on the market.


In the design of PS 2.4, a lot of effort is put in the creation of an optimum construction.
The hull is completely built in vacuum injection. The laminate is built up in unidirectional glass mat, “3D Core” sandwich material and standard built-in vinyl ester resin. By the use of vacuum injection, in combination with the use of high-end materials, the optimum strength/weight ratio.

 By the use of vacuum injection, in combination with the use of high-end materials, the optimum strength/weight ratio. Because of the location of bulkheads and other reinforcements we created a very stiff hull.


Main Dimensions

Length overall

4.20 m

Length waterline

3.10 m


0.80 m


1.00 m


approx. 200 kg

Sizes and weights are subject to change

Hull and Deck
Gelcoat standard white RAL 9010, Pure Sailing striping, color at choice, standard grey.
Vacuum injected hull, deck, and reinforcements laminate in vinyl ester/glass/ 3D core sandwich. Hull color other than white.

Deck hardware
Standard the Pure Sailing 2.4 is fitted with Racing deck hardware.

INOX rudderstock with vinyl ester/glass vacuum injected rudder blade, quadrant steering pedals in Carbon. Hand steering optional.

North Sails, are optional,

Mast and rigging
Tapered silver anodized mast, boom and whisker pole with backswept spreaders, variable adjustable stay tension, backstay in Dyneema with reduction under the deck.


Lead in the integrated keel.


Hand- and electrically operated bilge pump with battery, Victron Energy battery charger is optional.

Genuasheet, Barber, Fore leech tension

Forestay, standing rigging; starboard and port simultaneous, Backstay, Mast position adjuster.

Cunningham, Outhaul, Main sheet, Kick

Whisker pole launch